What's New for Caring Corner


Our theme for August is "Community” This week our classes will be focusing on the color red, the shape rhombus, the number 3 and the letter Z. 

This week the kitten class will be using different art materials to learn and practice their colors, letters and numbers. We will be singing songs and exploring our bodies by dancing.  Ms. Hannah

This week the monkey class will be making zebra’s for the letter Z.  We will be using the color red to make a rhombus collage and we will be reading “Three Little Pig’s” for the number 3. Ms. Jackie

This week the Cubs class will be working on name recognition and tracing. We will make the color red and use it for art.  We will be counting to three with red beans, practice tracing the letter Z and make a rhombus collage. Ms. Amy


August Activities

Happy Birthday to Eliana August 7th, Teresa and Eddie August 19th, Kaci August 27th and Gavyn August 29th.  We want to wish all a very happy Birthday!

For our community theme we will be going to the Fire station on Wednesday August 10th and the Police Station on Wednesday August 17th. Look for permission slips for your child.

School agers – school starts on Wednesday August 31.

Planning ahead for September - We will be closed on Monday September 5th for Labor Day.  





Welcome To Caring Corner Preschool and Childcare!


As a parent myself, I understand it can be a difficult time choosing a childcare
that we are comfortable with and I realize that a loving and positive atmosphere is
important to your family. We are proud to offer your family high quality care. At
Caring Corner Preschool and Childcare, your child is able to build a relationship
with myself as well as my staff. We don't have a lot of staff turnover here, so your
child knows who will be caring for them day after day. This helps children be more
secure in their environment.

Our primary goal is to support each child in a safe and loving environment that
builds self esteem, encourages living skills, and actively promotes each child's
sense of curiosity and discovery.

We believe that children learn through play in a structured environment. We
provide both teacher initiated activities and also encourage child initiated activities.
We have an four different classrooms based on children’s ages that provide plenty
of space for learning activities such as manipulative, blocks, arts and crafts,
reading area, imaginative play, and so much more. We also have a large outdoor
play area that provides opportunities for learning and large motor activities. There
is a covered area that allows children to play outside no matter what the weather
conditions are.

I know in the past when my own kids have been in childcare, the one that you
choose truly makes all the difference in the world! It truly does make it much
easier on everyone involved if you as a parent can go to work and not worry all day
long about your child! So again, thank-you for your interest and if you have any
questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.