Dear Parent(s),

Welcome to Caring Corner Preschool and Childcare. We are delighted that you are considering out quality childcare center to provide care for your family! 

Here at Caring Corner, we realize that a loving and positive atmosphere is important to your family. Our goal is it to be able to provide that for your child.  It’s also that type of atmosphere that helps to develop a trusting relationship between our staff and your family. 

At Caring Corner, we believe the primary method of learning for a young child is through play.  Our early childhood curriculum and education goals are built on the belief that children learn through active experiences in their environment under the supervision of, and interactions with, our teachers. We believe in providing a safe, loving, learning environment, in which your child can feel secure and is encouraged to explore.  We consider your child’s mental, physical, emotional and social needs by providing an age appropriate curriculum and Early Childcare Education qualified staff that incorporates all of these areas into our program.   

We consider the communication between your family and our staff a vital part of our program that will benefit you and your child.  We have developed this handbook to serve as a general guide.  We hope it will answer most of your questions and help you in understanding our operational procedures.  Please feel free to discuss any other questions or concerns that you have with our staff.

The environment and program of Caring Corner Preschool and Childcare has been carefully planned to be what you would want for your child - a comfortable, caring environment where children can play, learn, develop and grow safety and happily. 



Jackie                                                                                    Kyiersty

Director                                                                                 Owner