Our preschool program is a full day preschool program.  Preschool is offered daily for ages 1 to 5 (yes toddlers are learning too!). Our early childhood curriculum and education goals are built on the belief that children learn through active experiences in their environment under the supervision of, and interactions with, our teachers. We believe in providing a safe, loving, learning environment, in which your child can feel secure and is encouraged to explore. We consider your child’s mental, physical, emotional and social needs by providing an age appropriate curriculum and Early Childcare Education (ECE) qualified staff that incorporates all of these areas of growth.

Why a full day preschool program? 

Our full day preschool program allows for greater time of instruction that is needed to impact positive outcomes.  By your child attending a full day of preschool it allows them to practice the skills they are learning, allows for further exploration for the things they are learning and allows more time for group and individual child interactions.   

Our Constructive approaches to learning are:

* The expectation of the child is age appropriate and at their developmental level.

* Staff recognize that all children are not the same and they implement/adopt learning styles appropriate for each individual child. 

* Staff use specific age appropriate directions and often use language expansion when giving directions.

* Staff are role models and teach social interactions, manners, etiquette, cleanliness, health and safety

* Staff are consistent in their responses and give the children clear expectations.

* Staff give children time to talk, listen and problem solve.

* Staff encourage independence and exploration while maintaining appropriate classroom structure and routine.